Are you looking for the Best China Sourcing Agent?

XLT can help you that find factories, get competive prices, follow up production, check quality and deliver products to you.

Lowest Price

All the products we quote is suppliers' EXW/FOB/CIF price, the trade terms depend on you.

Free Service

Our sourcing service is free, you can place order when our service and the price we offer meet your demands.

As Your Staff

We only charge reasonable percent of product amount as service charge, and we will follow up producing and shipping. we can work as your own sourcing department in China. no additional fee is charged when we start the sourcing service, we only charge when you are satisfied everything with us, included sourcing, quotation, order following to shipping. We are commited to source high quality products with a best possible cost via a complete transparent process.

China is one of biggest economies and largest exporter in the world, Sourcing products from China has become the prime choice for global customers.

So let's get started!

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